TRAC Intelligence, a veteran-owned and operated small business, supports its clients' greatest assets: its people!  Toward that end we offer regular and routine threat assessments and travel alerts, as well as long-term trend analysis for areas in which your firm's interests exist.  Your interests, and those of your clients, determine our focus.  We work with firms large and small and our clientele list remains private.  We can integrate by way of any apps our partners offer to their own personnel, such as updated threat assessments for travel industry partners, who provide corporate travel solutions.    

About Us

When your employees go abroad, shouldn't they have a more complete picture of the threat climate?  Shouldn't your firm's decisions be based on relevant information and an accurate intelligence assessment? 


Our team consists of experts and practitioners in the fields of intelligence analysis, policy analysis, law enforcement, cyber security, international security and international relations.


We offer your firm the opportunity to access its very own intelligence team without having to bear the cost of maintaining an organic cell.

We are in the business of threat analysis and to that end we strive to provide our clients with a clear and timely assessment of the threat picture that comports with their needs. 

Our Mission

We provide high quality threat analysis for a range of interest areas.  We serve our clients, big and small, with the knowledge that their employees' safety is their number one concern.  We recognize the important role we play, which goes far beyond the business realm.