You can access our services for a variety of reasons and the duration of our relationship reflects this reality. Scroll down for a sample of the three main approaches we use to service our clients' needs: 

Ad Hoc Reporting: On an occasional basis, you call (or e-mail) us to give you a briefing (in person or in writing) regarding the threat climate in a particular city/country/region.  For the travel industry, the process is more fluid and is accomplished by embedding our travel alert services into the booking/updating applications that already exist.  That is, we make use of the software in which our travel industry partners have already invested and provide value-added alert services for their own traveling customers.  There is no need to make contact with us, as our analysts are constantly updating a database that links directly with travel services' software applications.

      For Policy Analysis, a similar ad hoc standard may be applied.  Whether it involves reviewing a single policy or several policies, we execute the task within a prescribed period of time.  Depending on the nature of the request, the production turnaround time could be as soon as a couple of hours, or as long as a few days.  We can assess right away what level of effort will be required and offer a deadline to meet your needs.   

Sustained Threat Reporting:  On a routine basis, you will receive regular updates for areas of interest in which you, or your firm, express a need to know.  This can range from very specific topical concerns (e.g., the most recent threat matrix in a particular foreign city with detailed maps indicating the types of attacks and/or target sets) to more broad areas of interest (e.g., the nature and intensity of threats to foreigners in a given geographical area).  For this type of reporting, you retain our services for a given time period (e.g., event-driven, quarterly, annual assessments, etc.).  For policy issues, we can also conduct an implementation assessment on a longer term basis. 

In-House Intelligence Team Augmentation:  If your internal intelligence team needs a temporary member to fill a void, or if you have no assets of your own and would like to build a team, we can staff your needs by providing one of our own intelligence professionals as a short or medium-term fix.  There is the additional option, in certain cases, that after a period of time you could retain that individual as an employee of your firm.