Our specific areas of expertise include assessing the degree of risk associated with international (as well as domestic)* threat patterns and trends (including cyber).  We provide your firm with a simplified threat report, based mostly on open source data.** The advantage this provides you is that you needn't spend hours sifting through what we call the "threat stream."  We do that for you. 

We also partner with travel industry professionals in order to provide up-to-the-minute threat alerts for impending and current traveling personnel.  

After learning of our business model, your next logical question is likely:  What sort of product could I expect to receive and what might it include? 

The answer depends on the nature of the threat(s) being assessed.  We recognize that there are some problems that are rather acute and require an area-specific or situation-specific focus.   For others, a more expansive set of problems may require a higher degree of analysis.  Either way, our products adhere to a minimum standard, which includes the following.  

Synopsis:  This provides the customer with a summary of the current situation in a particular area of interest.  For instance, the nature and scope of a given conflict, or evolving situation, is summarized and may include a detailed (or abbreviated) description of the main parties to a conflict or situation.  This may also include a cyber element, where applicable.

Trend Analysis:  This provides the customer with insight into who or what the target(s) of violence or coercion have been and assesses the direction in which trends have been heading.  Armed with this information, our clients are able to better gauge what sorts of behaviors, activities, or appearances might reduce their vulnerability profile. 

Sociopolitical Climate:  This provides the customer with a sense of what sorts of grievances have been expressed by certain segments of the population and its implications for security on the ground.  Intelligence in this area reduces the disadvantages that may attend one's "outsider" image. 

Cartographic Orientation:  This is quite simply a map, which can be as expansive as the needs of the customer dictate it should be.  The general rule here is that it serves the above three sections as a tool of orientation. 

For more details, please see "Services Offered."

Now that we're initially acquainted, let us describe what it is that we do...

*The scope of our work tends to focus on international threats, but we have experience in domestic law enforcement and maintain connectivity to DHS sponsored fusion centers.  This experience has proved advantageous when applied to either the cyber realm, or policy analysis realm (see the "services offered" tab, above, for more information).

**Although our analysts exclusively use unclassified sources, they have previously worked in the classified realm.  Their experience informs the manner in which they are able to discern significant intelligence by effectively navigating the "signal to noise" ratio.