From General to Specific Intelligence:  The products we provide are designed to meet the interests you define.  For example, it may be as general as trying to gauge whether trends in another region or country appear to be moving in a particular direction.  It may be as specific as seeking the latest information about a particular city that has experienced a level of unrest.  The underlying rationale for expressing a “need to know” in either instance is really a matter of degree.  We act on the basis of that degree.  We don’t provide you with answers to questions we think you have, but to the ones you have asked.  If we don’t know, or can’t say, we make that patently clear.

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Policy Analysis and Review:  Generating sound policies are a bulwark against liability and an antidote to miscommunication.  Although we specialize in threat analysis, we also engage in policy analysis and review in areas that include, but are not limited to, privacy and security.  This area of practice has been a staple commodity for our clients in determining their vulnerabilities and streamlining their efforts at generating a robust policy infrastructure. 

Situational Awareness as a Means to Improving the Decision Making Process:  Intuition and common business sense guides us all to the conclusion that good decisions rest on good information.  While one can never know everything, one has the sense that what is unknown may have negative implications for sound decision making.  As better information serves the interest of decision makers, it is more commonly (and properly) called “intelligence.”  We produce finished intelligence products, and travel alerts, that are designed to enhance the decision making process.

Threat Stream Analysis: Oftentimes, people are aware that there are trouble spots around the world, but remain uninformed as to their nature, duration, depth, and trajectory.  We do the groundwork for you by harnessing the power of databases, regularly reviewing open source global and regional news outlets, and building upon the expertise of our own staff, who have worked for both government and private sector partners in assessing threats.  In short, we are "tracking the threat stream" you don’t have time to track.

Threat Mitigation as a Defensive Shield: We believe that you care most about your employees’ well-being and would not send them into harm’s way without an adequate interpretation of the threat climate in the region(s) to which they must travel.  Therefore, this service is not only an asset for decision making, but is a responsible preventive measure that one would take in order to safeguard their employees’ personal security interests.  Indeed, your insurance company should be made aware that you are taking such measures on their behalf!

Our Relationship is Solely Based on Our Clients’ Needs and Interests:  It may be as simple as trying to figure out whether it is a wise decision to set up a new venture or physical structure in a particular place in the world.  It may be as routinized as consulting our services for regularly scheduled meetings that take place in a foreign country or city.  It may be a one-time visit to a foreign entity’s office, or an annual convention that is not typically held in the location of interest that concerns you, or your employees.  We also offer a cyber threat analytical capacity.  No matter the nature of the threat picture you seek to complete, our business iterations are determined by your needs.